Jim Jackman

Wellspring Flyfishing Tuition

Learn all aspects of fly fishing and learn how to catch a trout in its pristine environment.

We cater for the beginner and also the more advanced, providing in-depth instruction empowering you to start a lifelong adventure in piscatorial delights.

Also fully guided fishing outings that are tailored to individual needs are available. We cover some of Australia's most beautiful country including the lush and verdant Otways, the magnificent North East of Victoria and of course the legendary Snowies.

Learn how to:

  • Cast a flyline
  • Tie flys that catch fish
  • Select the appropriate fly for any given situation
  • Fly presentation
  • Knots
  • Rod and tackle selection
  • Entomology
  • Lake and streamcraft

Contact Jim Jackman
phone: 0417 229 125
email: wellspring@internode.on.net